I was first made aware of the alleged incident involving Colin Skelton (Gazette, October 25) three hours after the event when visited by a young policeman. I had no idea what he was talking about and was quite frightened by his approach.

Once he had explained what allegedly happened at my property, I expressed deep concern and said I was extremely sorry. I stated to the policeman that had I known of the incident at the time, I would gladly have taken the gentleman concerned to casualty. I was mortified that anything like this should happen. I was in my garden at the time of the alleged incident. On hearing my dog bark, I went to investigate. When I reached the door, there was no sign of any person at my door or in the street. There was no evidence of anything having happened other than a card left on my doorstep.

Your paper stated I was not remorseful. This is not true, as can be verified by the policeman who made the visit.

I am an 80-year-old lady who has lived at this address for 52 years, and in Devizes for all my life. In that time I have never experienced any trouble like this, having always had a dog. My post has always been delivered without any problems. I am a responsible citizen, and always have my dog, a Jack Russell, on a lead when walked. She is not an aggressive dog by any means.

Following the visit I received from the police, I immediately organised the sealing of my letterbox and have fixed a post-box to the side of the door as requested.

The manner in which this incident was told to me and the way it was portrayed in your newspaper indicating that I was not remorseful has distressed me considerably.

Liz Chandler, Roundway Park, Devizes.