I write in response to S G Watson’s letter that unfairly disparages young people.

I too was in Lloyds Bank on October 23 and for me it was just the final straw having to deal with a group of dithering and dangerous elderly people during my day out. On route to town I followed a car driven by an old man at 35mph on the A4 which resulted in dangerous overtaking by all. I observed an elderly lady take ten minutes to park badly and finally I had to queue during my lunchtime at the bank behind retired people. I wonder if any of their children or grandchildren have any idea how their parents are behaving towards the working general public.

Of course my letter is as ridiculous as the one to which I am making comment. Young people are noisy. We all were when we were young.

We are all at different ages and we all have to live together.

Mark Eaves, Teasel Close, Devizes.