First of all I have to apologise for not posting any new entries for a number of weeks. Although I doubt many people have noticed!
Due to staff shortages I have been working as a reporter in our Chippenham office and I have to say that getting back to what journalism is really all about was a refreshing change.
I actually had the chance to get out and meet a number of people and most of them were delightful.
Driving around the beautiful North Wiltshire countryside reminded me of how lucky we are to live in this county.
I had tea with Sarah Gray - estranged wife of MP James - and she told me how she really wants to get a job. Chatting to her I think she would be brilliant as a charity fundraiser. Must be someone out there who could use her drive, enthusiasm and don't forget the contacts.
I also went to the lovely home of Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and met his delightful wife Annette who I interviewed for a feature in our Lifestyle magazine.
She was totally unstarry despite having a helicopter parked on the front lawn.
But it is nice to be back in good old Devizes and one thing I won't miss are the so-called temporary traffic lights at Bromham. They have to be the most annoying roadworks ever.
Parking charges in Chippenham are also rediculous. I hadn't really taken on board up much they had gone up until the first morning I p ulled into a long stay car park and realised it would cost me more than a fiver to park all day.
Back in Devizes not too much seems to have changed. It seems an Ask restaurant is to open in the Market Place and judging by one visit to its Marlborough premises I would think this is a good thing. But I am told by others who go more often service can be a bit on the slow side and prices a bit high.
What surprises me is that there has been so little happening at the old Beales store where a Weatherspoons is meant to be opening.
New people have moved into the Rising Sun but the idea of table dancing has been dropped. Probably a good thing not sure Devizes was ready for that.
While in Sainsburys on Saturday I noticed that Bovril was back. I commented on the lack of Bovril in the town a couple of months ago and so I am taking the credit for that with Blog Power!