I went shopping in London on Saturday and what a mistake that was. Even my clothes mad teenage daughter who adores shops was very glad to get back to the tranquility of Wiltshire.
I grew up close to London so know what it is like to battle to get on the tube or to take your life in your hands everytime you cross the road but for her it is a bit of a novelty - one that wore off very quickly.
As we sat having a welcome coffee break in Kensington High Street she remarked that she would hate to live there. I was a bit surprised as she loves all things fashion and is a slave to designer labels but even having shops that sell Gucci, Armani, Prada etc on your doorstep did not combat that feeling of being hemmed in and pushed about.
Not of course that we had any plans to upsticks from Devizes. But it is nice to know your kids appreciate where they live. My son, now 18, told me when he was about five that he had no intention of ever leaving home and he doesn't seem to have changed his mind!
It is the little things that make a difference. My daughter and a friend went jogging yesterday evening and stopped in at Morrisons afterwards to buy drinks and some fruit but when they got to the checkout they realised they were 2p short. A kind lady behind them in the queue gave them the money. Maybe she was just in a hurry and didn't want to wait while they put something back! But I like to think it was just a nice gesture and the girls were chuffed. So thanks.