For a few days now plenty of people have been calling the administration at North Wiltshire District Council all the names under the sun for their abysmal handling of the leisure centre crisis.
Fortunately in Devizes there was a better reason for calling people tossers as teams from a number of businesses and organisations took part in pancake races today for Age Concern Wiltshire.
The charity is not afraid of spicing up its slogans and asking: "Who gives a toss about old folk?"
The Gazette did its bit for the cause and we entered a team and won! Although I think maybe there should have been a steward's inquiry after Gazette editor Gary Lawrence threw himself across the line shouting 'yes!' 'The poor judge had little alternative but to award us the prize. Sorry Wildlife Wiltshire - better luck next time.
I went second in our four man team. Making sure I came after our very fit sports editor Stuart so as I could be assured of a head start on my leg. The pictures show that what I lacked in speed I made up for in concentration as I made sure I didn't drop the pancake - not a flattering sight.