I went to Sainsbury in Devizes today to do our usual weekly shop and after a few tours up and down the aisles I gave up looking for the Bovril and asked a helpful lady on the deli counter if she had any idea where it was kept.
She led me to the gravy aisle where I had already spent a few minutes looking as I was sure that was where it was usually found. But she couldn't find it either. She called in two other assistants for advice and they were equally baffled.
I decided to go with Marmite instead and another helpful assistant took me to this product which is kept near the jam.
A couple of minutes later the original assistant came and found me and said she had checked with the duty manager who had told her that Bovril was no longer stocked. Why is this I wonder? Is Bovril no longer in vogue? Am I the only one who prefers its less bitter taste to marmite on my bread or toast? Answers please!