THIS week we saw a change made at the Abbey Stadium as Dany Gappmaier was brought in for Emil Grondal.

Obviously I am sad to see Emil leave, but that is speedway. I met Dany a few years ago while we were both riding in Slovakia and he is a pretty good rider.

I’ve seen him ride a few times and have ridden with him too, so I have known him a while now and he is a good dude.

Rosco (Alun Rossiter) has said he wants a rider who can go out and win heat two, but we won’t know until he gets out there and does it.

I guess we could have carried on winning some and losing some or we could have done something about it, and win more comfortably.

It’s a funny situation, I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes.

Even though I know Gappmaier, I don’t think Rosco knew I did but he is definitely what we need because he always looks fast.

I don’t think we will be any worse off than we were before the change to the team was made, hopefully it will make us stronger, but we definitely needed to do something.

We need at least one reserve who can go out there and win us some points, that is the idea I think.

After a short break from action with the Robins, we now have back-to-back meetings starting with King’s Lynn tonight before travelling to Belle Vue tomorrow night.

I don’t mind riding back-to-back because I have been on the bike during the break and so have the most of the other riders.

It will probably be a bit more difficult for riders who haven’t been riding as regularly.

I am riding on Saturday and Sunday before we head to Wolverhampton on Monday, so it is a hectic five days for me.

Every team is tough at this level, there are no easy opponents, so we are taking it one meeting at the time and one race at a time.

There is no reason why we can’t win tonight. I know they have some good riders in the team like Chris Holder and Troy Batchelor, but it depends what happens on the day.

The weather hasn’t been the best in Swindon over the last few days either, so I am hoping it manages to hold off for tonight.

Personally, I don’t mind if the track is a bit heavy because that means we get a bit more grip.

The more grip the better.

It will make it a little bit different for the guys when they come to Swindon.