MARK Cooper will not be bringing in players he does not consider beneficial to Swindon Town’s long term aims, despite their current injury situation.

With so many first team names out injured fringe players such as Jack Barthram, Will Randall and Connor Waldon could all be in line to start against Coventry. While they have all been involved from the bench this season such a move would present a risk for the Town boss of over-exposing his youthful squad.

Derby youngster Josh Lelan’s presence in Swindon yesterday suggests he could be returning to the club but with two weeks off after the weekend Cooper said he would not be rushed into signing players for the sake of one game.

“We are trying to add to the squad but we still have to make sure that’s not just anybody because after Saturday we have two weeks to get everybody back fit,” he said.

“We have to make sure if we are bringing people in they are for the long term and not just quick fix.”

Though Cooper has been on the record to say he has faith in his youngsters he will be careful not put them into the wrong environment.

Speaking on the subject Cooper said: “ What you don’t want is to put them all in the team together. Coventry have had Leon Clarke and Callum Wilson – who is young – but they’ve had experienced player in their team who helped the young boys through.

“If you’re going to put young boys in the team you need to play them with players that have been playing. So it gives them a chance, whereas if you put them all in together and they’re not quite ready it can destroy them.”

Former Sydney United striker Joel Chianese remains on trial with the club and Cooper will be assessing him in the break between games. The intense schedule so far this season has only provided limited opportunity to observe the Australian triallist.

“Joel’s going to stay with us for a little bit longer, we have a development game next week where we can have a look at him,” added the Town boss.

“The problem’s been we have been preparing for games on Saturday and Tuesday, we’ve not had enough real opportunity to look at him in a game situation. With not having a reserve team we have had to wait until we have had a free week so we can arrange a development game so we can have a good look at him.”