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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Swindon Robins 46 Poole Pirates 43

Last updated:

    Swindon Robins 46 Poole Pirates 43
  • SWINDON: Peter Kildemand (2-2'-1-0) 5+1, Dakota North (1'-3-R-3) 7+1, Nick Morris (FX-1-1-1') 3+1, Simon Gustafsson (2-3-3-3-0) 11, Troy Batchelor (3-3-2-2-2) 12, Nathan Greaves (R-R-R) 0, Steve Worrall (R-2'-3-2'-1) 8+2.
  • POOLE: Darcy Ward (3-0-3-3-3) 12, Josh Grajczonek (0-3-2-0) 5, Przemyslaw Pawlicki (1'-0-0-3) 4+1, Vaclav Milik (1-1-0-2) 4, Maciej Janowski (2-2-2'-1-1) 8+1, Kyle Newman (3-1-2-1-0) 7, Brendan Johnson (2'-0-1) 3+1.
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Di kanny oh 11:05pm Thu 10 Jul 14
Very puzzled why Nathan Grieves was not out practicing after the meeting this kid needs it and I do not understand why Roscoe or even one of the riders was not out with the lad after the meeting. Its quite obvious the kid has talent and was in good positions in each race when he looked to be locking up too hard and came off three times but does anyone at the club actually care? I just don't know what is going on at the club and Kildemand who oozes talent obviously has better engines abroad than he is riding here and has been poor for many weeks yet Roscoe does nothing. Morris is another that is all at see and struggling with the track and equipment but we do know he has spent a fortune on changes to his bikes yet he seems to be no further forward. Dakota North rode very well tonight and deserved more but at least this should shut some of his critics up and 7 paid 8 when on a 4.31 average is very good in my book. Batch was excellent again and Steve and Simon very consistent and keeping the team together at the moment. I think Simon clocked his fastest time of the season in heat 6 with 65.8. Come on Roscoe give the young lad Grieves some track time as he has the speed now and just needs help with the track craft.
Score: 4

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