SWINDON Wildcats will welcome back Mr Reliable in 2014/15, with Sam Bullas once again signing on at the Link Centre.

Bullas, who contributed 10 goals and 20 assists for the Cats in the English Premier League last season, will join up with Swindon for the sixth successive campaign.

The 23-year-old former Great Britain Under 20 international becomes head coach Ryan Aldridge’s 11th summer acquisition, with Stevie Lyle, Alex Symonds, Steve Whitfield, Shane Moore, Lee Richardson, Ollie Betteridge, Aaron Nell, Jan Kostal, Henri Sandvik and Tomasz Malasinski already tied down to new deals in Wiltshire.

For Aldridge, it was practically inconceivable to put together a roster for the upcoming season that didn’t feature Bullas’s name.

He told the Advertiser: “He’s a huge part of our club. I think if we had a year without Bully it would be a shock to the system for the fans and his teammates. It’s great to have him back.

“Last year we set a goal of points he was going to get and he achieved that so obviously we’ll have to go a little bit higher this year. He’s getting better and better every year but he is Mr Reliable. He works hard every night and he’s a really big part of our team.

“Bully is definitely one of the guys in the middle of the dressing room who is keeping the guys together, so he’s a great character and an absolute gentleman to be honest with you.

“He’s great with the new guys who come in and the old guys as well. He’s important for us.”

With 11 signings made, Aldridge has stated that he is close to concluding his business for the summer.

But he’s not quite done yet, saying: “We’re pretty close to getting everybody done now. We’ll be releasing the names of the rest of the signings over the next few weeks but we’re pretty much done now, to be honest.”