THE Bristol Avon at Chippenham was in excellent form for the Chippenham Modany Evening match, which was won by Gary Etheridge, from Devizes, with 15 lb 7 oz of roach.

Kevin Rowles, from Devizes, was runner up spot with 12 lb 14 oz of roach and dace weighing 12 lb 14 oz and Dave Baker, from Trowbridge, third with 10 lb 15 oz of roach, skimmer and dace catch.

Other placings: 4. Steve Palmer Chippenham 9 lb 15 oz; 5. Mark Wooldridge Chippenham 7 lb 2 oz; 6. Colin Gittings Chippenham 6 lb 8 oz.

THE Trowbridge Seniors Open match fished at Crookwood Lake went to Pete Craig, from Devizes, with 7 lb 13 oz of skimmers, roach and rudd.

There was a tie for runner up spot between Bernie Ryan, of Devizes, and Roger Green, from Trowbridge, with 6 lb 8 oz of skimmers, roach and rudd.

Other placings: 4. Jim Escott Melksham 5 lb 8 oz; 5. Ken Gingell Trowbridge & John Blackmore Lavington 5 lb 4 oz.

THE Calne Evening match at Hazeland was won by Brian Johnson, from Calne, with 2 lb 6 oz of roach and rudd.

Martin Dolman, from Calne, was runner up with 1 lb 14 oz of roach and dace, followed by Gary Dodson with 1 lb 12 oz of roach and small chub.

Other placings: 4. James Yates Calne 1 lb 6 oz; 5. Andy Trudgian Calne 15 oz; 6. Simon Fear Calne 12 oz.

MELKSHAM’S Tony Gilbert won the Wilts Angling Evening Open match at Leech Pool last Thursday with 142 lb of carp.

Second was Ian Willetts, from Bradford, with 122 lb, with Ken Ludwell, from West Ashton, third prize with 76 lb.

Other placings: 4. Lee Ross Trowbridge 56 lb; 5. Richard Brimble Westbury 52 lb; 6. Terry Fell Devizes 33 lb.

LAST Friday’s Airsprung Evening match at Rood Ashton was won by Richard Whitmarsh, from Frome, with 116 lb 10 oz of carp.

Mark Poppleton, from Trowbridge, was runner up with 73 lb of carp, followed by Kevin Hanson, from Trowbridge, with 66 lb 10 oz.

Other placings: 4. Lee Ross Trowbridge 55 lb 0 oz; 5. Craig Knight Trowbridge 51 lb 14 oz; 6. James Duggan Bradford 34 lb 14 oz.

MARCUS Crook from Melksham won Saturday’s Avon SCC match on the Bristol Avon at Conigre with 13 lb 7 oz of roach.

James Carty, from Pewsey, was runner up with 11 lb 4 oz of roach and Alan Brown, from Swindon, was third with 10 lb 7 oz of roach.

Other placings: 4. Pete Townsend Swindon 9 lb 15 oz; 5. Gary Williamson Devizes 9 lb 14 oz; 6. Adrian McTiffin Melksham 9 lb 11 oz.

SUNDAY’S Calne match fished at Christian Malford went to Gary Dodson, from Calne, with 7 lb 10 oz of chub and roach.

Nick Lofy, from Calne, was runner up with 7 lb 7 oz of roach and perch and Martin Dolman, from Calne, third with 6 lb 5 oz of chub and roach.

Other placings: 4. Shane Belcher Calne 5 lb 15 oz; 5. Simon Fear Calne 5 lb 7 oz; 6. Nigel Smith Calne 4 lb 3 oz.

SUNDAY’S Airsprung silver fish only match at Cuckoos Rest was won by Ryan Hurd, from Trowbridge, with 15 lb 5 oz of skimmers.

Steve Southern, from Trowbridge, was runner up with 14 lb 13 oz of tench, with Richard Whitmarsh, from Frome, third prize with 13 lb 5 oz of skimmers.

Other placings: 4. Steve Ince Trowbridge 11 lb 4 oz; 5. Steve Musitano Trowbridge 10 lb 12 oz; 6. Kevin Hanson Trowbridge 10 lb 10 oz.

SUNDAY’S Wilts Angling Open match fished at Eden Vale went to Roland Lucas, from Frome, with 51 lb 1 oz of carp and skimmers, followed by Dean Adams, from Bradford, with 50 lb 4 oz of skimmers.

Steve Martin, from Frome, was third with 40 lb 10 oz of carp and skimmers.

Other placings: 4. Howard Adams Devizes 38 lb 8 oz; 5. Robin Guy Melksham 33 lb 4 oz; 6. Jim Butcher Bradford 30 lb 6 oz.

THE Lavington match at Merritts Lake on Sunday went to Graham Pearce, of West Lavington, with 89 lb 8 oz of carp.

Don Keates, from Hilperton, was next with 71 lb and Mark Easey, from West Lavington, third with 41 lb 8 oz.

Other placings: 4. Paul Crayford Devizes 40 lb; 5. Oliver Keates Hilperton 29 lb.

Future events

Friday July 4: Airsprung Evening match at Barton Farm.

Sunday July 6: Airsprung match at Rood Ashton; Clevedon match at Swineford; Avon Open match at Melksham; Bathampton Open match at Newbridge; Chippenham match at Chippenham.

Monday July 7: Chippenham Evening match at Chippenham.

Tuesday July 8: Calne Evening match at Hazeland; Trowbridge Seniors match at Eden Vale; Avon Evening match at Portman Road.

Wednesday July 9: Trowbridge Open match at Staverton.

Friday July 11: Airsprung Evening match at Stowford.