TROY Batchelor will be looking to raise the roof at PARKEN this evening as he prepares to ride indoors for the first time in his world championship career.

The series moves to Copenhagen for round six tonight, with Batchelor 14th in the standings, 18 points off a top eight place.

The Australian knows he needs to make improvements if he is to secure a GP return for next season, especially now he’s been eliminated from Grand Prix qualifying, but is looking forward to experiencing something new tonight.

“They are normally pretty big events and I think Copenhagen is normally 20,000 people or something so it’s going to be pretty cool, but I just need to pull my finger out and get some results,” he said.

“I just have to take it as it comes.

“I’ve done meetings in front of crowds like that before in Poland, maybe 30,000, but not indoors so it should be something a bit different.

“It’s going to be good with Pete and Jepsen Jensen there so there’s a couple of new guys and maybe a chance for me to claw back some points.

“I need to pull my finger out, simple as that.”