ROBINS boss Alun Rossiter is braced for a busy weekend as he prepares for his first real duties since taking on the Great Britain job.

Rossiter led the national team for the first time in the pre-season Ben Fund meeting at Leicester, but this weekend steps things up as he accompanies a string of British riders to their Grand Prix qualifiers.

The Robins team manager is in Berwick tonight with Chris Harris and Craig Cook, before immediately heading to Germany with Danny King and Richie Worrall for their round at Abensberg on Monday.

Rossiter said: “I’d like to think Chris and Craig should go through at Berwick, I know Cookie went well there last time and Bomber goes well round Berwick as well.

“But it’s quite a tough meeting with some good riders in it, so it isn’t going to be a walk in the park, that’s for sure, and it will be a good test for them.

“Then it’s going to be a mad dash down to Heathrow straight after the meeting to fly out to Germany at 7am on Sunday with Danny and Richie.

“Practice is that afternoon with the meeting the next day as it’s a Bank Holiday in Germany, and I’m going out there as their rider-representative. The meeting starts at 2.30pm and then we have a 9pm flight back to Britain.

“I wanted to be at these meetings to make sure the riders are okay, and to offer any assistance they need, and they’re all appreciative that I’m going.

“I’ve actually been to Abensberg before, that was where I did my Under-21 round, and it’s a very flat track with long straights.

“It does tend to make a bit of dirt, but generally German tracks are pretty flat and Danny and Richie will have to have their gating boots on. But it will do them the world of good to be out there doing that sort of meeting.”

Rossiter is approaching decision time regarding the forthcoming World Cup, with the tournament opener at King’s Lynn taking place on July 26.

He added: “These are my first full-scale duties as GB manager, obviously we had the Ben Fund before the official start of the season, and it’s important to keep tabs on the boys especially with the World Cup coming up.

“I want to see how the boys get on in this kind of competition, plus we also have Richard Lawson and Lewis Bridger as reserves at Berwick so hopefully they will get some rides.

“It’s important that our riders do these meetings and we’ll see how they cope with the pressure, because it is a different level from what they’re all doing at the moment.”