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  • Swindon Robins 48 Leicester Lions 40
  • ROBINS: Peter Kildemand (1'-2'-2-2) 7+2; Simon Gustafsson (2-3-1'-3-3) 11+1; Nicolai Klindt G (0-1-2-3) 6; Dakota North (FX) 0; Troy Batchelor (3-3-2'-1'-1') 10+3; Nathan Greaves (0) 0; Steve Worrall (3-2-1-1'-3-2'-2) 14+2.
  • LIONS: Jason Doyle (3-3-1-3-3) 13; Sam Masters (G) (0-3-0-R) 3; Mads Korneliussen (2-1-3-3-0) 9; Lasse Bjerre (0-2-0-3) 5; Richard Lawson (G) (1'-2'-0-0) 3+2; Joe Jacobs (G) (1'-1-2-1-1) 5+1; Max Clegg (2-FX) 2.
  • Kildemand, Greaves and North all suffer injuries


That's it from a dramatic night here at Blunsdon. Fingers crossed for the injured riders, who I guess we will find more about over the next few days.

Don't forget you can read a full report and reaction in tomorrow's paper, and your weekly speedway fix is available in Monday's Tapes-Up.



Some words from skipper Troy Batchelor now, who was proud of his team's effort tonight.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Troy  Batchelor


"It was a tough night with all the injuries and it just seemed like one after the other," he said.

"It's hard because we had some races where we could only send one rider out because of the rules, but we did well and the riders who were left scored well.

"I'm proud of the team tonight and to get all the points is a great thing for us."


North fears he may have suffered a ligament injury in his left knee but doesn't want to think the worst until he's undergone a scan.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Dakota North in action on his debut against Eastbourne. Picture: Ian Lewis


"I'm feeling pretty rough but I really don't know yet," he said.

"It was a hard crash and a difficult one because Sam's a good friend, and he's the last person I want to be crashing with.

"I've done my ACL in my shoulder not that long ago and this feels a bit the same, but I hope it's not."


At this point, I would just like to remind you of my earlier prediction...


Peter Kildemand has a big weekend coming up as he tries to progress in Grand Prix qualifying, and also make it into the finals of the European Championship, meaning tonight's crash wasn't the best timing.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Peter Kildemand led the way for Swindon Robins with 16 points but could not prevent defeat against Lakeside.	Picture: Leslie Aubrey


"It's just like last year when I crashed the Thursday before the GP Challenge, so it's a bit annoying," he said.

"I hit my head last time but I didn't this time so I should be alright, because it's a big weekend for me.

"I feel a bit second hand but it's great the team were able to win and get all the points."


North's injury seems to be the most concerning for the Robins, with Rossiter admitting after the meeting he may need to make a change to his side.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Alun Rossiter looking pensive at Monday''s meet in Birmingham


“To do that with only five riders after injuries like that is brilliant, I’m really proud of the boys,” he said.

“We’ll have to see about Dak and Nathan Greaves because we’re not quite sure what the damage is at this stage. They’re struggling a little so we’ll have to regroup and see what I can do.

“Maybe I am looking for a replacement and I’ve already got an idea, so we’ll have to see if I can pull it out the bag."


A bit of injury news. Kildemand's fine but is just a little shaken, Greaves may have done a collarbone and North has possible knee ligament damage. Nothing confirmed though.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Robins' number one Peter KildemandThe Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: New Robins' man Dakota NorthThe Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Swindon's Nathan Greaves



Reaction to come.


FINAL SCORE: Swindon Robins 48 Leicester Lions 40


Heat 15: Doyle, Gustafsson, Batchelor, Korneliussen; 68.57 – 3-3 (48-40)
Lions gate on a 5-1 which would have snatched a point but both Batchelor and Gustafsson pass Mads to secure them all for the Robins.


Batchelor, Gustafsson, Doyle and Mads for heat 15


Heat 14: Bjerre, Worrall, Jacobs; 68.24 – 2-4 (45-37)
Decent ride from Worrall as he splits the two Lions.


Just Worrall in this one due to North's injury.


That should make sure of the win for the Robins, now for the three points.


Heat 13 (re-run): Doyle, Kildemand, Batchelor, Lawson; 67.08 – 3-3 (43-33)
Kildemand is run wide by Doyle and into the fence in the first staging, but is able to return for the re-run on Klindt’s bike. Doyle wins from the gate.


PK back for the re-run. Hard as nails.


Kildemand getting looked at by the medical team


Kildemand is walking back to the dressing room.


Peter's got a big weekend coming up, with GP qualifying and European Championship Challenge coming up.


This is looking like a very expensive night for the Robins, although Kildemand is up on his feet.


All four back, if Pete can make it. Odd decision as we were out of turn two and Doyle had run Kildemand very wide.


Kildemand taken very, very wide by Doyle and he thumps the fence. Thrown around like a rag doll. Medics with him.


Heat 12: Gustafsson, Worrall, Jacobs, Masters R; 67.67 – 5-1 (40-30)
Two great gates throw the match right in the Robins’ favour.


Worrall in for Greaves again in heat 12


Heat 11: Klindt, Batchelor, Doyle, Bjerre; 66.96 – 5-1 (35-29)
Klindt jumps out the gate and is followed home by Batchelor, who holds off the advances of Doyle in a good race to watch.


Very tightly poised heading into the final five races.


Heat 10: Korneliussen, Kildemand, Gustafsson, Lawson; 66.24 - 3-3 (30-28)
Another great gate from Korneliussen means the Robins have to settle for the minor places.


Heat nine: Worrall, Jacobs; 68.14 - 3-2 (27-25)
Worrall misses the start but comes round the outside in turns one and two to win.


Just the two riders in this one due to Clegg and Greaves pulling out. Worrall v Jacobs.


My Witches are beating Somerset 51-15 after heat 11. Nick Morris has scored 4 from two rides, but I bet he wishes he was here instead.


Heat eight: Korneliussen, Klindt, Worrall, Masters; 66.68 – 3-3 (24-23)
Mads gates to win with the Robins settling in behind as Worrall does well to hold off Masters.


Greaves and Clegg now both confirmed as out the meeting through injury.

Not good news for Cradley, as both riders represent the Heathens.


Worrall to take North's ride in the next one.


Heat seven: Gustafsson, Bjerre, Worrall, Jacobs; 67.37 – 4-2 (21-20)
A really patient ride from the Swede as he stalks Bjerre before making the pass.


Heat six: Doyle, Lawson, Klindt; 67.50 – 1-5 (17-18)
With no reserve nominated to replace North, Klindt makes a great start and leads for two laps before being passed by Doyle, and then runs wide in the final corner to let Lawson through.


Looks likes Greaves is pulling out the meeting too, meaning Steve Worrall is going to be busy. No reserve nominated for the next race


Heat five: Batchelor, Kildemand, Korneliussen, Bjerre; 66.08 - 5-1 (16-13)
The Robins gate for the first time this evening and it’s a 5-1.


Heat four (re-runx2): Masters, Worrall (for Greaves), Clegg FX, North FX; 67.4 -  2-3 (11-12)
North is excluded after hitting turn four too hot, taking both himself and Masters into the fence. The second attempt also bring a stoppage as Clegg is excluded for taking out Greaves in turn one. Worrall comes in for Greaves who’s still getting treatment, but he can’t beat Masters.


Two minutes on for heat four


Steve Worrall coming in for the re-run of heat four, with Greaves still feeling second hand.


Looks like Dakota North is done for the night.


Greaves is also being looked at by the medics it seems. For that reason, we can't continue with racing.


Break for track grading and to see whether Clegg needs to be taken to hospital.


Ambulance coming out for Clegg. Looks like an arm injury to me.


Greaves seems fine, Clegg less so as he's clutching his arm.


Red lights get slammed on again as Clegg goes wide in turn one and takes out Greaves, with the Lions man excluded.


Air fence is repaired and we're heading back to the tapes. Nathan Greaves the lone Robins in what will be a tough encounter with Clegg and Masters.


Both riders are up and share a hug. North has to be helped from the track by his teammates.


North is excluded for causing that crash


Masters and North hook up and smack into the fence. Both still down and the medics out.


Heat three: Batchelor, Korneliussen, Lawson, Klindt, 65.8 – 3-3 (9-9)
Mads gates well but Batch eventually passes him before shutting off the Dane’s run. Klindt is left at the start and tries to pass Lawson on the outside to no effect.


Heat three: Batchelor, Korneliussen, Lawson, Klindt, 65.8 – 3-3 (9-9)
Mads gates well but Batch eventually passes him before shutting off the Dane’s run. Klindt is left at the start and tries to pass Lawson on the outside to no effect.


Klindt is at the tapes for what is sure to be a big night for him. He's fired up to prove a few wrong.


Heat two (re-run): Worrall, Clegg, Jacobs, Greaves R; 68.27 - 3-3 (6-6)
After an aborted first attempt, Worrall storms up the inside of Clegg on lap three to win. Greaves retires on the final circuit after being out of control on the third lap.


They're fine.


We're habing a little look at the tapes.


Red lights on in the first turn of heat two, with Clegg warned to stay still. Naughty.


Heat one: Doyle, Gustafsson, Kildemand, Masters; 66.18 – 3-3 (3-3)
Doyley makes a superb start and the race is one. Kildemand comes from the back to pass Masters coming out of turn four but can’t push Doyle.


Riders at the tapes, we're ready to go.


For Leicester, Sam Masters, Richard Lawson and Joe Jacobs guest for Simon Stead, Paddy Hougaard and Tom Perry.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Sam Masters. PHOTO: Colin Burnett



Robins win the toss and take gates one and three in heat one, for which the two minute time allowence is on.


For the Robins, Nick Morris is missing and he replacement is none other than Nicolai Klindt. The Dane was dropped by Rosco earlier in the season abut has been brought back for one night only.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Former Robins' rider and now guest Nicolai Klindt



A few changes to each of the two teams, which I will run you through now.


We have parade at 7.20pm this evening, with a prompt start at 7.30pm on the cards.


There is not a drop of rain in sight this evening, and doesn't that make a welcome change!


Good evening everyone and welcome to Speedway Live.




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