PETER Kildemand is keen to remain with Polish giants Czestochowa despite the club’s well-documented financial problems.

Having owed significant amounts of money to Russian star Emil Sayfutdinov last season, the Lions are again struggling for money which has led to them resting the likes of Grigory Laguta, Rune Holta and Michael Jepsen Jensen in a bid to save cash.

However, despite riders being owed wages, Kildemand is continuing to ride despite the money issues as he believes he needs to continue to learn in what is his first season in the Polish top division.

“It’s really hard, the same as Swindon last year, the money is late but hopefully it’s going to get paid,” he said.

“I need the experience and I’ve asked them to pay me a little at a time. They owe me a lot of money but if they pay me a little at a time then I will keep on going because I need the experience.

“There’s no point me saying I won’t ride without all the money because I am enjoying being in this league and I need to keep learning.

“I’m sure some of the other, older, guys feel a bit different about it but I know what I want to do.

“It’s a shame if some of them don’t ride because it makes us a weaker team but I will carry on doing it because it’s good for me.

“It’s not good to be going with a team of juniors and just me but it’s important.”

Kildemand, who has still yet to hear anything regarding a potential wild card for next month’s Danish Grand Prix at Parken, will be hoping for some big points for the Robins tonight when he rides at a Birmingham track where he has enjoyed great success in the past.