ALUN Rossiter was still able to take plenty of positives despite his Robins side having their chance of picking up valuable Elite League points ruined by the weather.

The hosts were leading 26-19 at Blunsdon last night before the meeting against Birmingham was called off as the rain made the greasy track unraceable, with Nick Morris and Dakota North almost coming to grief in the wet before just managing to hold on to their bikes.

Despite being frustrated to miss out on what was sure to be a comfortable win, Rossiter was in good spirits after the meeting due to the improved form of Simon Gustafsson and a good display from captain Troy Batchelor.

“It’s frustrating but it really was unavoidable for us,” he said.

“We were in a really good position but there were still some good signs even though we didn’t get any points. Simon looked a lot sharper on his new engine I though, I’ve said that all along.

“That was one of the best displays I’ve seen from Troy in a Swindon suit and I think the responsibility of being captain is doing him a lot of good.

“Dan (Greenwood) struggled again but we can’t carry on like that and we have to look at something.”

Rossiter believed calling the meeting off was the only course of action and believes the Robins’ clash with Coventry early in the season, which was abandoned after 10 races to ensure a Bees victory, should have gone the same way.

“I would have been a hypocrite if I had been shouting for this one to continue because it really was the right decision to call it off,” he said.

“It was impossible for the riders because it was so wet. Dak (North) wanted to ride but it was just so dangerous. It’s still early in the season so we’ve still got time.

“This is what should have happened in the Coventry meeting, common sense, but they (Coventry were shouting and screaming about it going on. Both sides agreed tonight.”