ALEX Symonds says that it was a pretty simple decision to remain at Swindon Wildcats despite offers from elsewhre.

The Welshman has extended his stay with the Link Centre side for a second season and joins Jan Kostal and star netminder Stevie Lyle in committing to the EPL side.

“I had one or two other offers but I always wanted to stay at the club,” Cardiff-based Symonds said. “I did have a couple of weeks to think about it, but to be honest it was a simple decision.

“It is a great organisation and they have always looked after me - it is just down the road too.

“I think most of the guys from last year are looking to come back so I think that we could have a good year next season.”

The 25-year-old D-man played a major role in Cats’ stunning run at the end of the previous campaign which saw them victorious in eight of their last nine matches, which included a seven-game winning streak, to lead them to the EPL finals weekend.

And while Cats were edged out in overtime to Manchester Phoenix an improved defensive game was very much the focus of the way that the Link Centre men played.

“It is a major part of how we play and we need to keep working on that,” Symonds said.

“I know Aldy (head coach Ryan Aldridge) wants to concentrate on that and that is great for me.

“If we can keep the forwards that we had from last season then we are always going to have a chance.”

Having finished fifth in the EPL during the regular, four points behind Milton Keynes who finished in the top-four to secure home advantage in the second-leg of the play-off quarter-finals, Symonds is keen for an improved standing.

“The very least we must do next year is get a minimum of a point in every game - that is massive,” Symonds added.

“I’ve only not made the play-offs once in my career so I’m confident we’ll be there again next season and a good D-line is key to that success.

“The Wildcats quite often appear to be everyone’s outside bet of picking up silverware, and agonisingly last season we just fell short of making the final.

“When you look at how we did after Christmas I know if the club can keep a good core of the squad together, we’ll be even more confident next season.”