PARENTAL care has been the order of the day at Swindon Town this week, with Mark Cooper’s dad Terry on hand to offer his son and the Robins’ squad a little advice at training.

Cooper senior, a former England international and vastly experienced manager, has been attending sessions at Liddington and giving Town’s current boss a few pearls of wisdom at timely moments.

Cooper junior has enjoyed having his old man around, saying: “He’s obviously got a vast knowledge of the game, being the player he was and he was a manager as well. He’ll have a quiet word with a player here or there, he won’t go storming into a training session. He’ll have a quiet word in his typical Yorkshire way and tell them where they’re going wrong.

“If somebody’s got that amount of knowledge and that standing in the game then it’s great to have him around.

“When someone’s watching from afar or watching from the stands and standing back they can see some things sometimes that you don’t at times, so it’s good to get a different view on it.

“Of course I speak to him about it and he’ll tell me where I’m going wrong like any dad does to his son.

“He still gives me a thick ear now and again. It’s great to have that knowledge behind you.”