PREDICTIONS LEAGUE: Brentford results and updates

What a brilliant all round performance and an even better result. I had this game down for a Town defeat and the Carlisle game as a Town win. So all in all, same result, just the other way round.

This time Town were able to capitalise on a defensive error for a change. And how cool was Louis T. Pinching the ball off Jonathan Douglas’ toe after a loose pass by the keeper to strike the ball firmly into the net past a forlorn Button.

The defense was able to withstand Brentford’s attacks second half which were at times lack-lustre. Even so, Troy, Jack, Jay and the outstanding Wes were able to keep a clean sheet which meant victory was ours.

The Answers

1. Correct Score = 1-0

2. Attendance = 9,342

3. 1st Town goal scorer and time = L Thompson 45 min

4. Number of corners = 20

5. Time of last STFC sub = 97 min

Bonus Answers

A. How many away fans = 1,906

B. Number of subs used in the match = 6

C. Points gained by bottom 4 clubs in L1 and L2 = 3pts and 6pts

D. Clubs wearing mainly Red shirts in L1 & L2 = 5 and 5

E. Total attendance for all games in League One on Sat = 67,345

F. Total attendance for all games in League Two on Sat = 55,062

FA Cup Semi Finals

This weekend also saw the two FA Cup semi finals between the last remaining teams.

Guyswonga v Bondy54 And NewburyMike v Glosteroldboy

Post match reports to come soon.

Detailed results and tables to follow