FRIDAY night at Lakeside was the first time I have ridden under the new race format and I have to say it was very confusing.

Normally you would have a race partner but now there was not one heat where I rode with the same guy so you can’t have any team riding going on or build any relationships.

Batch was done by heat 10 while Simon and Peter had only done two heats by that point, which was very weird, and Simon didn’t have his first one until heat five.

My average is four point something, but say I was the fourth highest average in the team and Nick Morris’ average was only 0.01 higher than mine and he was a heat leader. He would meet all the heat leaders two to three times throughout the night, he wouldn’t meet any reserves and only meet the two and fours once. It would be harder for him to get a higher average than it is for me, because I would be riding against the reserves, which is really not fair. I think, for that reason, there’s going to be a lot of changing in teams during the season.

I don’t think I’m all that keen on this new format to be honest and I think it was better before when you raced against everybody. I didn’t race Lewis Bridger but I did ride against Mikkel Bech and Richard Lawson twice and some of the reserves.

I’m not sure what the fans think about this though, I would be really interested to hear.

I think I did okay at Lakeside although my starts and first corners could have been better. I felt like the drop was alright but it didn’t go to the first corner like I wanted so I will have to work on that.

In the other meeting’s I’ve done I’ve felt really good but it was a little hard to pass, especially in my last one where the rider in front of me turned left on me a couple of times. I came off the track wanting to knock him out but that really wouldn’t have been very smart.

I’ve been in Poland again this week doing some stuff on the track which has been good, and I’m really looking forward to riding at Swindon on Thursday.