IT’S press and practice day at Swindon tomorrow and it’s a day I always look forward to.

I didn’t have one last year at King’s Lynn because it was rained off and normally when I’ve been at Wolverhampton it’s just been something at night with a few laps for the fans and then proper practice the day after.

Rosco has told me a little bit about what we’re doing this year, doing press and photos and stuff, but I’ve never had one in the day that goes on into the ngiht before.

I’m really excited to try my bikes out around Swindon because I haven’t been there for ages, so we’ll have to see if I can still find my way round alright! I used to go around decent there so hopefully it will be like that again.

I’m sure some people don’t enjoy doing all the press, and sometimes after a bad meeting you end up saying the same thing, but I enjoy interviews with newspapers and the radio. It’s fun to do and it’s also promoting yourself and speedway, getting your name out there, so it’s something I enjoy and wish I could do more of.

Woffy (Tai Woffinden) has been doing loads in the winter like going on the radio, Sky and BT Sport, and that is stuff I would love to do because it must give him so much of a buzz. Not everyone can get on big shows like that but I would love to one day.

We’ve got a question and answer session with fans tomorrow evening and that’s something I’ve never done before either. We’ve always done talks and stuff with Wolverhampton but whenever anyone asks if there’s a question there never really have been any, so hopefully there will be some questions for me. I will answer them as best I can and I think I’m pretty honest compared to most people, although you can’t be too honest all the time.

It will be good for us to be together as a team too, although we had a bit of a laugh at the Mads (Korneliussen) testimonial on Sunday because me, Pete (Kildemand) and (Troy) Batch(elor) were there together. I’m sure everyone will come together and have a good day and that our team spirit will be really good and one of the best in the league throughout the season.

The average age of the team is really low so it’s going to be a cracker.