SWINDON Robins boss Alun Rossiter opened his Great Britain account with a 45-39 victory over a Rest of the World team at the annual Ben Fund Bonanza this afternoon.

Rossiter, who took over from Neil Middleditch as the national team manager in January, guided his side to victory thanks to 11 points from Belle Vue's Craig Cook and 10 from world champion Tai Woffinden at Leicester.

Robins rider Nick Morris was competing for the Rest of the World team and was his side's top scorer with 10+1 at a track where he has enjoyed plenty of success in the past.

Morris also made the final of the individual competition, held after the main meeting, but crashed in the final which was eventually won by Cook. Morris was quickly up and didn't suffer any injuries in the incident.

GREAT BRITAIN 45: Tai Woffinden (2,3,3,2) 10; Richie Worrall (1',2,0,2) 5+1; Chris Harris (1,3,3,1') 8+1; Danny King (3,0,2,0) 5; Craig Cook (3,3,3,2) 11; Kyle Howarth (0,1,1,1) 3; Richard Lawson (0,3) 3

REST OF THE WORLD 39: Bjarne Pedersen (3,1',2,2,1) 9+1; Josh Grajczonek (0,2,0) 2; Adam Skornicki (0,0) 0; Cameron Woodward (2,2,2,1) 7; Ty Proctor (1',0,ex,2) 3+1; Patrick Hougaard (2,1,3,0) 6; Nick Morris (1',3,3,3) 10+1; Morten Risager (1',1) 2+1.