IT FEELS as if we're at a bit of a crossroads.

The money filled glory days are long behind us and, as I've written many times, we live in tighter economic times. Results aren't going as we want and we're slipping off the pace. So what do we do as supporters?

We have a choice, you can either attend matches or not. It’s really up to you.

I've read many comments that season tickets aren't going to be renewed and that it'll be a case of picking and choosing games next season. That, of course, is your decision and you have the right to do that. I would be the first to say that this season has, at times, been somewhat dull. There's no other word for it!

It's also had some great moments. The team lies just outside the top six and considering where we were three years ago, many would have been more than happy to take that position.

Probably the main problem has been that we've done better than perhaps was expected and hopes have been raised throughout the campaign. A mid-table finish is something I hoped for back in August and I stick with that, bearing in mind the aforementioned monetary constraints.

I think the one thing that might be a real killer is apathy. The away following has dropped off and it'll be interesting to see how home attendances hold up between now and May. I'm not writing off the season, I'm being realistic.

I'm looking forward to Crewe on Saturday and the games to follow. I'm also looking forward to renewing my season ticket.

We are at that crossroads. Do you support or shrug your shoulders and do something else instead? It’s up to you.