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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Position the ball opposite the inside of your left heel Position the ball opposite the inside of your left heel

TRY the following ideas to help you hit the ball farther the next time you go out onto the golf course.

When hitting the driver we are aiming for maximum distance and to get this we need to launch the ball with height, but also with low spin to keep the ball in the air without ‘ballooning’.

So next time you are on the course try the following for long drives.

Firstly, tee the ball up high so that the equator of the ball is level with the crown of the driver. This will help you launch the ball high in the air, crucial for long drives.

Next you need to make sure the ball is opposite the inside of your left heel.

This is imperative for you to hit the ball on the upswing and see your ball disappear down the fairway.

Following that you need to ensure you have positioned your head behind the ball with your weight favouring your right side.

Your head should remain behind the ball, particularly during striking the ball.

One of the final bits of advice is to ensure you get a full shoulder turn and your back to face the target at the top of the backswing.

Lastly the trick is to not rush your down swing.

But, more important than that, you need to swing the driver up towards the ball but also feel that your swing is pointed out to the right.

This will ensure you get a more powerful flight and those extra ten yards.

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