SWINDON Town Football in the Community Trust shared the sadness of the rest of the local footballing community this week following the tragic passing for former Shrivenham, Wootton Bassett and Pewsey Vale manager Dave Turner.

The Trust were keen to express in their own words their sorrow at the loss of a figurehead of the local non-league scene and released a statement to the Advertiser.

The statement reads: “The FITC Trust were deeply saddened this week, along with the football community of Swindon, by the devastating news of the premature passing of Dave Turner. “Dave was an integral member of the part-time staff working for the Trust for over 12 years. Dave was a dedicated professional member of the team, who made a huge difference to hundreds of local children who engaged with the Trust’s programme on weekly soccer centres and development courses.

“For many years Dave delivered a weekly session at Ridgeway and Dorcan, with children opting to travel across Town to attend the sessions due to Dave being the lead coach.

“John Burt, father of Oliver Burt who lives in Stratton, stated: ‘I travelled over to Ridgeway every Wednesday for many years so Oliver could receive the quality coaching that Dave provided. He was a truly inspirational character who got the best out of all the participants within his session. My son Oliver and myself are deeply saddened to hear the news.’”

“Community Trust manager Clive Maguire said: ‘Dave and I were at school together from the age of nine and both grew up with a passion for the game of football. What I loved about Dave was he said it how it was and you knew where you stood with him, which I believe is a great trait in a person. “Dave was one of the most genuine and nicest people I have met over the years and I am devastated to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to Trish, Alex and James.’”

“Marcus Cook from the STFC FITC board of trustees said: ‘On behalf of the Community Trust we are truly grateful to Dave for all his professionalism and dedication on working on our behalf within the community of Swindon.

“’It is so sad that someone with such an enormous character and presence is no longer with us.”