SO THE circus has left Town. The tent’s been taken down and the pegs removed.

It was always going to happen one day. The memories of the magic tricks and painted smiles are all we have left. It won’t be long before the “Big Top” is performing in another town or city.

Like all circuses, though, it was fun while it was here.

Every day there was the unexpected. Sometimes it was the slight of hand, other days it was the slapstick that kept us thrilled, entertained but never bored.

What happens now to fill that big empty space where once the caravan stood?

Do we look for another travelling show to excite us or is it to be a longer running performance with fewer thrills and spills?

There was a moment on Tuesday night when I believed we’d slipped into an alternate reality. The ringmaster was on the Wirral and was about to bring the tent back. Then that rumour disappeared and lesser lights were in the building.

Are they the people to build a solid foundation or will they be like sawdust - there for one day only?

The thing is the last 20 months have been like no other in the history of our football club. We’ve had drama, disappointment, fun, joy and downright pride.

When Swindon Town was at its lowest ebb a controversial Italian footballing genius picked it up and kicked it up the backside.

Now that genius has gone and taken his foot soldiers with him. It’s a bit like when the Olympics and Paralympics were over. For a moment you’re at a bit of a loss. Then you realise there are other things to concentrate on.

Swindon Town went to the top of League One on Tuesday night with no manager and no owners, but a team proud enough in what they do to make sure they achieved their goal.

I’ve read some say they’ll give up their season ticket now that PDC has gone. 

Why would you do that?

Whatever happens it’s our TEAM, our CLUB. Now is the time to show your support. Thanks Paolo but now the circus master has left Town.

Things may come things may go but the Art School dance goes on forever.