PETER Holden and Emma Holloway were crowned Chippenham’s top swimmers after amassing the most points from the 2012 Club Championships.

Points are allocated against times over five categories: sprint, form (not freestyle), medley, distance and 100s, Holden scoring 2035 points and Holloway 2071.

Boys and girls age group winners were Joshua Dreelan and Amy Gibbons (nine), Matthew Hardick and Michaela Sheppard (10), Luke Brown and Tegan Cairns (11), Benjamin Birkett and Katherine Sheppard (12), Cameron Perkins and Natalie Pidgeon (13), James Tucker and Bryony Cairns (14), Holden and Charity Moore (15/16) and Joe Bailey and Holloway (17 and over).

Best individual swims were by Jack Cook in the 100m freestyle (56.24 seconds for 510 points) and Chelsea Chard in the 200m backstroke. (2:36.61 second for 450 points) At the club’s 200m freestyle championships, the top boy swimmer was Matthew Hare in 2:10.96, Chloe May in heading the girls in 2:25.78.

Boys age group winners were Hardick (9/10), Birkett (11/12), James Tucker (13/14), Hare (15/16) and Bailey (17 and over) and Sheppard (9/10), Tegan Cairns (11/12), May (13/14), Moore (15/16) and Emma Holloway (17 and over) in the girls.

Holden and Chard were also the fastest in the 200m individual medley races in 2:27.18 and 2: 43.74 respectively.

Boys age group winners were Hardick (9/10), Luke Brown (11/12)l, Tucker (13/14), Holden (15/16) and Bailey (17 and over), plus Sheppard (9/10), Tegan Cairns ( 11/12), Natalie Pidgeon (13/14), Chard (15/16) and Holloway (17 and over).

In the 13/14 girls, the first four – Pidgeon, Bryony Cairns, Amy Hall and Chloe May – were separated by just 0.53 seconds.