SWINDON Town’s fans must relax safe in the knowledge that they have the perfect manager in place to nip a poor run of form in the bud, according to the boss himself.

Paolo Di Canio suggested after the 1-0 defeat to Notts County in League One on Saturday that, under a different regime, the current Robins squad could be at risk of plummeting down the table as performances and results become as inconsistent as each other.

However, with him in charge, Di Canio said, there is no way that will happen.

He said: “My captain [Alan McCormack] was a disaster, in every decision. He always made a not good decision in pressing forward or going back. If I have my skipper, at 27, with this level of attention in a crucial game, we are in trouble in some way. In trouble to stay close up there for longer, not for staying up.

“Fortunately there is Paolo Di Canio that doesn’t care, that can push out even the skipper or the most experienced player. For this reason the fans have to stay relaxed with Paolo Di Canio.

“With another manager this team can probably sink and sink and sink because they would be worried to put out a 33-year-old, a senior player because he wants to make everybody happy. Not Paolo Di Canio.

“I will work for Swindon and I will make decisions in the way that Swindon can get results and stay comfortable.

“If can reach that level soon everything that comes can be an extra.”

Meanwhile, Di Canio once again emphasised his opinion that, as things are, Swindon do not have the mental strength and overall quality to secure a top-six finish in League One this term.

“Every manager in the world is frustrated when he sees his team perform well and give their best,” he said.

“We fall in a trap a bit.

“When they lose energy maybe they lost confidence a bit but that proves that we can’t stay in the top.

“Eight or 10 of them have not played at this level and when they have played at this level only for relegation positions so we can’t turn them into winning players already.

“It’s important that we don’t lose confidence and we know that we were on top. One day we will improve the finishing up front and the decisions we make.

“When the game goes in one direction with individuals who have to make the right decisions we are weak. It’s clear.

“For this reason I want to say again, if we stay top eight, seven, 10 before December, if we can have top-four physical condition, get Tommy Miller back, Alan Navarro back, we will have some freshness that can help us have a comfortable season.

“We can stay up with 50 points as soon as we can, make the fans happy by honouring the shirt every time, establish this club in League One and look forward to the future in a positive way.”