FIREFIGHTERS from Royal Wootton Bassett had to dig deep to rescue a tenacious terrier after he got stuck in the foundations of a house.

Determined Beau was in hot pursuit of a rat when he dived into a hole in the ground next to a neighbour’s house in The Barton and kept on going until he got himself thoroughly wedged in.

RSPCA inspectors Stephanie Daly and Miranda Albinson were called as well as the fire crew to free him.

“We were called by a woman who was looking after the dog,” Stephanie said.

“Somehow the terrier had run into a hole in the ground chasing a rat and then carried on digging.

“He managed to dig underneath the foundations of the neighbour’s house and got wedged with his little back legs poking out.

“When we arrived we could hear him growling now and again and knew we needed to get him out quickly.”

Naughty Beau was so firmly stuck the fire brigade had to use some extreme measures to get him out again.

“The fire officers were wonderful and went into the house to drill into the wall so we could reach down into the foundations and get hold of Beau,” said Stephanie.

“Very carefully we were able to pull him up and out of the hole and thankfully he wasn’t hurt.”

Beau, who was being looked after by a friend of the owners when he set out on his adventure, emerged unscathed and a little bemused following the incident on March 28.

Stephanie was full of praise for the firefighters’ efforts. “We’re always incredibly grateful for any help we receive from them and in this case, their help ensured we were able to save little Beau.”

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service spokesman Matthew Brown said: “As a fire and rescue service, we’re passionate about working together to change and save lives be they of the two or four legged variety.

“The on-call crew from Royal Wootton Bassett were quick to respond to the call and we’re all really pleased that Beau was rescued quickly and safely, no worse for wear.”

Terriers are known for their strong rodent hunting instincts and their determination to keep going after their quarry, even if it goes to ground.

Among the most popular dog breeds valued for their ratting abilities are Jack Russells, Norfolk terriers, West Highlands and Dachshunds.