INSPIRATIONAL siblings who struggled to cope with the divorce of their parents have launched a company to help other children going through similar experiences.

Happy Spuds run afterschool clubs where children can talk about their feelings on a range of topics, from body image and bulling, to deaths in the family and divorce.

The idea was created by twins Austin and Lawrence,11, and their sisters Heidi,9, and Natasha,6, Crapper who have big hopes for their stress relieving concept.

The family, from Everleigh, believe that help for children going through the normal issues linked to growing up can be achieved by providing a safe space for children to talk about their emotions.

Austin, who goes to Lavington with his brother, said: “We decided to do Happy Spuds because of what we’ve been through with mum and dad divorcing and we realised a lot of other people have gone through anxiety so we thought about helping people with stress.”

Lawrence added: “Sometimes we have had arguments thinking about our ideas but then because we’ve been through the same thing we all felt quite good about the whole thing. It was fun working together and hearing different perspectives."

His sister Heidi, said: “I think talking and sharing problems does help people because it makes them feel like they are being listened to. Sometimes talking can release pain from your heart and talking and laughing can help.”

Happy Spuds sessions are open to any child in the community and aims to help children open up and talk about anything that might be worrying them while at the activity workshops.

Natasha, who goes to Rushall Primary School with Heidi, said: “I like doing yoga because it really helps me concentrate and I like the calmness it gives me.”

The first event is taking place tomorrow afternoon at Pewsey Vale School Hall from 4.30pm. The Stress Relieving Football session will be led by two sports coaches who will help children play a range of games at the same time as offering a place to talk about any problems they might have.

Two more events are taking place next week, with art for anxiety running in Woodborough primary school halls from 4.30pm on October 3 and Sunshine yoga taking place on October 5 for Rushall Village Hall from 4.15.

All sessions last an hour, are open to any children and cost £5 to attend.