JUST when the internet thought it was safe to stop talking about piglet saving firemen, daring entrants into the Pewsey wheelbarrow event have had their own unique twist on the viral story.

The winners of the fun event through the village was Pinkies and Perkies who scooped the prize with their pig onsies and hand made newspaper spread titled the Daily Banger.

Stephanie Sharp, who was part of the winning team, said: "We wanted to support our local farmer Rachel Rivers and also show support to our fantastic fire crew.

"They are a major part of our community so wanted to lighten the story and bring it to the race.

"This is only our 2nd wheel barrow race. It's such an amazing event and we are lucky to have it so locally to us. The teams this year were fantastic, with such a great atmosphere and a great sense of community.

"We loved being part of the event and hope to be part of it again next year."

Another entry, Save Our Bacon, was just one of 177 wheelbarrow entrants that took part in the annual wheel barrow parade through Pewsey Village centre.

Donning firemen helmets and searching out an inflatable pig, the group crafted a fire truck on top of their wheel barrow for the charity event.

Pewsey firemen caused a stir last month after accepting sausages made by a farmer whose piglets were saved by crews from a blaze in February.

Rachel Rivers from Lawn Farm in Milton Lilbourne served up the sausages as a thank you to the team for saving her livestock.

The story went viral, and following the news item, the wheel barrow entry perfectly summed up the controversial story.

Other entrants included circus and ninja themed wheel barrows. The royal family, including Carnival Queen Hannah Parsons, also attended the event ahead of the main procession on Saturday night.

Dave Major, who organised the event and has been involved in the carnival for over 50 years, revealed that 549 Pewsey residents took part in the event which was run by 40 volunteers.

Mr Major, from North Street, Pewsey, said: "A great time was had by all. There is a lot of excitement for the weekend when the procession takes place.

"Nearly everyone finished, some people didn't quite make it round but every one had fun regardless."