A TELEVISION clip of African children suffering from dehydration inspired a Burbage boy to raise funds through a sponsored lake swim.

Archie Truman swam one mile in open waters on Saturday afternoon in a bid to raise money for Water Aid.

The pupil from St Francis School in Pewsey decided to champion the good cause after being shown footage of African children struggling to survive while he was at school.

Archie, 10, spent weeks training for the event with his dad Tom at Keynes Country Park, Cirencester, before braving the cold on his own.

Archie, who swims for his school and is part of Marlborough Penguins swimming club, said: “I was relieved when I finished, I found the swim hard because the water in the lake as so cold.

“When I got out I had a hot chocolate straight away because I was so cold.

“I think it is good to help other people because they don’t have the same life as us. England is quite rich whereas Africa is a country where some people don’t have much.

“I also chose Water Aid because of the link with swimming and water, which is my favourite sport to do.”

Dad, Tom, said: “He really is very keen to make a difference to the lives of people in Africa.

"He wants to help them and I think he is most excited about making a difference to their lives to help children in another country.”

Despite suffering from a bad cold in the days leading up to the event, he was able to take to the waters and complete the swim.

He has now raised £745 for Water Aid, a charity that improves drinking water and sanitation in third world countries.