TENNIS fanatics from Pewsey Tennis Club went on tour after visiting Jersey for a friendly tournament last weekend.

Players from Jersey based Caesarean Tennis Club welcomed eight members from Pewsey’s high ranking sports group during two days of matches and socials.

Pewsey members set up the event after successfully playing Torquay Tennis Club earlier in the year.

The Lawn Tennis Association club is one of the top in Wiltshire, having formed in 1947 and climbed through the ranks over the last 20 years.

Former chairman of the tennis club and keen player Mike Cox, who organised the trip, said: “The event was very successful. We are some of the more enthusiastic players who are keen to play whenever we can, so meeting other clubs in this way is something we hope to do again.

“It was a light hearted affair, we probably had more luck enjoying the cuisine and wine off the court than winning sets!”

The club was presented with a trophy to commemorate their sportsmanship by the home side.

Off the court players explored the island over the weekend period and were even given a tour by Mr Cox’s fiancée Narindar Young, who grew up in Jersey.

It is hoped that the islanders will visit Pewsey’s facilities next year for a set of rematches.

This year's team was made up of Mike Cox, Keith Hampson, Peter Rose, Quentin Dunstan, Terance, Guy Dixon, Amanda Hampson and Philomena Plunkett.