A LANDSCAPE gardener and a team of volunteers have joined forces to transform a Pewsey garden into a safe place for a disabled teenager.

Polly Greenaway has come up with the plan for the garden revamp so her 17-year-old son Harry can venture outdoors on his own.

Harry has global development delay, which affects his cognitive and physical development and he must currently be supported by a family member if he wants to go into the garden, due to steps and the uneven surface.

The redesign, which starts on Saturday (August 5), will include levelling off the garden and laying artificial grass so Harry has a soft surface to enjoy.

Harry and a group of disabled young adults will be on holiday with Bristol-based charity the Brandon Trust while the garden is being transformed.

When he comes back he will be able to explore and relax in the garden independently.

Ms Greenaway said: “Harry will be so excited when he gets back. Now he is 17, he is noticing his brothers working or going out with friends, and for him to be able to access the garden on his own will make the world of difference to him.

“It’s so simple but it will make such a difference.”

Ms Greenaway has raised more than £5,000 to pay for the work.

She said: “I began fundraising at Easter and I can’t believe how quickly it has all come around.

"I've had people on the streets talking to me about it and even giving me money.

“I’ve got volunteers on the Saturday and then some people throughout the week popping in to lend a hand to the landscape gardener, who will be doing the technical bits.”

The community is also providing tea, coffee and biscuits for the volunteers to boost their energy levels during the work, which is expected to take about a week.