A HEAD teacher who is terrified of heights faced her fears and hurled herself out of a plane flying at 15,000ft, raising £6,000 in the process for Burbage Primary School.

The school's headteacher Nicola Coupe, with her colleague Bev Thompson, headed to Old Sarum, near Salisbury, on Saturday and took the plunge.

Despite describing it as an unforgettable experience, the headteacher has no intention of doing this again, anytime soon.

"The experience was certainly unforgettable and it was a stunning day," she said. "The exit from the plane and freefall part was so unreal and terrifying that my brain couldn’t compute what was happening.

"I was way beyond challenge and well into my danger zone. Whilst I would absolutely not do it again, I did enjoy the parachute part and we could see all the way to the Isle of Wight, Southampton and Stonehenge. The best bit was the landing, by far."

The headteacher did this in a bid to raise £8,500 towards fitting out the school’s new classroom and developing the school grounds as an outside classroom, including the creation of a butterfly-friendly wildlife area, fencing for the school’s chickens, vegetable and flower plots and a mud kitchen.

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