TEMPORARY traffic lights have been set up on Barn Street, Marlborough following the crash of an armoured vehicle into a garage.

The garage wall was knocked over after the vehicle hit the side of the building at around 3.45pm yesterday afternoon.

Traffic lights are attempting to calm traffic lights, however residents in the area have reported continued disturbances this morning.

A Wiltshire Council highway engineer is currently at the scene and will work to assess what damage has been caused throughout the morning.

Steve Pascall, who lives on The Green said: “They have put up traffic lights to turn the road into a one ways street, it is causing total mayhem.

“There are still huge HGVs trying to get down Oxford Street, some days we see them go past and we think they’ve past and then we realise they have a trailer attached.

“It will be interesting to see what would happen if they closed the High street, where would the lorries go then?”

There appears to be plans to put scaffolding around the garage, after a structural engineer was called to the scene last night.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "We received a call at 3.21pm to a single vehicle collision involving an armoured type vehicle, which had hit a wall in Barn Street, causing debris to fall into the road."

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that no one was injured and there was no risk of fire, following the collision.

The collision came just 24 hours after a residents meeting in which the traffic problems of Barn Street were discussed. Plans to put in metal railways were highlighted as one way to make the busy road safer from large vehicles.

Mr Pascall added: “It is ironic that this didn’t happen the night before our residents' meeting, which was a bit of a waste of time because the councillors were so unprepared.

"I hope this incident will bring the council to their senses.”