A HAPLESS driver was left red faced when his car caused havoc on Marlborough High Street after rolling across the road at rush hour.

It is thought the driver of the white family car had failed to put the handbrake on tight enough and after leaving the vehicle parked up in the bays on the busy ton centre, gravity took over.

The slight hill of the high street was enough to force the car to roll out onto oncoming traffic, halting the busy road and causing tailbacks at around 5pm yesterday afternoon.

The occurrence is a regular problem in the picturesque town with residents regularly urging people to leave cars parked in gear to avoid the chaotic scenes.

One person reacted to the event on social media, saying: “A simple notice on the ticket machines with a reminder to apply handbrake will do!” while another recounted making a similar mistake in the past and facing the ‘walk of shame’ to move the misplaced vehicle.