CHILDREN'S author Debi Evans has published the fourth book in her Secret Adventures of Rolo series, which follows the time travelling quests of her rescue dog Rolo.

Written from a canine point of view, Ms Evans writes from her Marlborough home and inspires both children and adults with the animal’s adventures through history.

The fourth book in the series, titled The Jewel Dog and The Dragon, went on sale today (Friday Sept 1).

Usually taking three months to write each book, Ms Evans is inspired by her Wiltshire surroundings and is passionate about making history exciting for children.

Speaking about her new book, Ms Evans from College Field, Marlborough, said: “There is a reason why there are lots of dragons on the front page, but I don’t want to give too much away.

"I don't write a word of the book until I have done all my research for each of Rolo's adventures.

“It can be quite tricky writing from the first person and from the point of view of a dog but what I try to do is bring a new and exciting element to every historical event that I write about.

“From doing talks on the Women’s Institute circuit I came to realise that adults were enjoying the books as much as those in the younger demographic. I now say my audience range is seven to 99!"

After living in Dubai for 20 years, Ms Evans returned to her Wiltshire home six years ago and soon after became Rolo’s owner.

Each books contains around 13 time travelling adventures and book number four includes trip through the Bronze Age, WW1 Christmas truce of 1914 and Greek Mythology.

Clothes shop Mistral, on Marlborough High Street, will host Ms Evans’ first appearance with Jewel Dog and The Dragon on September 16 from 11-3pm.

She will then visit St Peter’s coffee shop on Marlborough High Street on September 30 and Hungerford bookshop on October 14 as part of the town's Lit Fest.