CHRONIC back pain sufferer Moi Watson has completed a fundraising challenge with her best friend, who happens to be a horse.

The Army officer and her four legged companion walked 100 miles in 100 days in a bid to help both of them recover from back and leg injuries.

Ms Watson, who is in the Royal Logistic Corps, has a back injury and 15 year old Ses (Open Sesame) was suffering from strained hamstrings when the pair set off.

Trekking around the Wiltshire countryside, they faced the elements to complete the 100 mile mission.

Ms Watson, who lives in Pewsey, said: “I had planned for us to just do some walking together but then #MyHackathon came along! It gave us something to work towards and also gave something back to animals less fortunate than my own. I am certainly a lot fitter now than I was!"

Vets declared that following the 100 miles Ses's hamstrings had healed and Moi herself has noticed an improvement in her own back pain.

“Brooke is the only charity I subscribe to support and have done so for almost 15 years with a small monthly donation. Brooke's link to military horses attracted me in the first place because of my own military connections.

“It is also the fact that, to me, Brooke is a very practical charity. Training and educating communities to care for their own animals is so important to ensure a sustainable improvement to the lives of these vulnerable animals.”

#MyHackathon is part of Brooke’s How The Other Horse Lives campaign which aims to raise awareness of the needs of working equines in developing countries by showing what they endure on a daily basis compared to well-kept horses here in the UK.

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