Townspeople are being urged to donate money to enable the partially collapsed Crammer wall to be rebuilt.

St James’ Church and The Trust for Devizes have launched an appeal to raise the estimated £60,000 cost of repairs. They are urging people to sign up to buy one of the 6,000 bricks the project will use for £10 a go.

A section of the wall collapsed following torrential rain and high winds in February 2008.

The damaged wall is owned by St James’ Church, while the remainder of the wall is the responsibility of Devizes Town Council. So far the appeal has raised about £3,500, of which the Trust for Devizes has pledged £2,500.

Planning permission is being sought from Wiltshire Council and the Diocese of Salisbury. Churchwarden Noel Woolrych said: “I would like to get the Crammer wall rebuilt before next summer. The wall is stable at the moment and once we have raised the money we can go out to tender.”

Mr Woolrych said the original Crammer wall was paid for by local people as a charge on the parish rate and the Crammer is one of the most historic and photographed views in Devizes. Jeff Ody, chairman of The Trust for Devizes, said: “The Crammer represents an extremely attractive stretch of water in Devizes and townspeople are very attached to it.”

The Trust for Devizes has a particular interest in the Crammer as the organisation was formed to stop plans to build a wall along the waters edge in 1967. Mr Woolrych said the plans to rebuild the wall would involve draining part of the Crammer to below the water table. The whole wall will have to be dismantled and the soil behind it removed while the foundations are checked and repaired.

The wall will then be rebuilt but at half the height it is presently. This will mean it will look more like it did before it was built in 1844 and at the same height as the town council wall.

The soil will then be replaced and landscaped as a sloping bank and little platforms at water level will be added for smaller birds.

To donate to the appeal ring the church office on (01380) 723891 or visit