AROUND 70 pupils and staff from Stanton St Quintin Primary School surprised and delighted crowds at their summer fete with a seemingly impromptu flash mob.

The dance craze, in which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, is typically organised via the internet or social media. The school was helped by Georgie Taylor, of, a choreographer who works with pupils throughout the area.

Mrs Taylor, from Kington Langley, said: “I am so impressed with the children who learnt and performed a 3.30 minute choreography to the public. Some were as young as four years old; that is really quite an accomplishment. I really enjoyed the challenge.”

School business manager Anita Druce said: “The children deserved every bit of the rapturous applause that followed.

“Russell Blackaller from The Curious Little Big Band was playing his accordion in the arena as our stage prompt and when he began to play, hey presto, a cleverly choreographed masterpiece began to unfold. We absolutely loved it!”

The fete also featured a novelty dog show, with categories such as dog with the waggiest tail, dog that looks most like its owner and dog the judges most want to take home. A full list of winners will be posted on Facebook.