A MENTAL HEALTH campaigner and charity ambassador’s dreams of creating a place in Calne where children can freely express themselves could become a reality next year.

Kiana James, 42, from Quemerford, an ambassador for mental health charity Respect Yourself, has been told she could receive funding from Wiltshire Council to get her project up and running if she applies to do so.

Her scheme, called Creative Place, will give children a place to express themselves through music, art and cooking while keeping them off the streets.

“I can’t believe it’s going to happen but it is a case of how much funding I can get now. I don’t know how much we are going to get yet,” Miss James said. “So many people have been supportive of my vision.

“I feel massively pleased. I have always been quite feisty and I am going to keep fighting for what I believe in.

“I have my mental health campaign too, so I really want it up and running by the summer.”

After finding out how much funding she could receive, Miss James’ next step is finding somewhere to hold Creative Place, and her sights are set firmly on The Grove.

The former Priestley Grove youth centre closed three years ago due to a lack of use, and was put up for sale in September.

Miss James, said: “I will always fight for what I believe in, and it’s these children having somewhere to be creative.

“We need to bring somewhere back for the youths and my aim is to get this building. This is my community and I want something for my community.

“The Grove would be ideal for me. I want an art room, a kitchen, a studio.

“I want the to get the kids off the streets. I want them to have their own space, where there is creativity from room to room.”

The plans are also to extend Creative Place into doing work within the community such as clearing the pond by the Community Centre, so that children can be proud of where they live.