THE SCIENCE department of a school in Calne has been named as one of the top in the country.

St Mary’s science department, headed by Alexandra Haydon, has been awarded the Platinum Science Award, becoming one of only ten schools in the country to receive the accolade, and the first independent school to do so.

The Science Mark Award is designed to recognise and celebrate inspiring practice in the science departments of schools throughout the UK, with platinum being the highest award available after gold and silver.

Mrs Haydon, said: “It is really exciting, the whole process has really changed the way we think about science education at St Mary’s, and there was a lot of work needed to put the submission in. It was very nice to have the recognition that we are working at the highest level in the country.

“We had to prepare a submission against 16 different criteria which looks at values, curriculum, the partnerships we not only have within the school, but outside the with local primary and secondary schools, and it is looking at how we educate the girls here who are looking at STEM careers, it isn’t just biology, chemistry and physics, but the importance of communicating, and the importance of creating ideas and clear explanations.”