A BULLY who hit his girlfriend over the head with a picture in a campaign of steroid-fuelled coercive behaviour has been jailed.

George Maslen's victim said she felt he suffered from 'roid rage' as their two-year relationship was punctuated with bouts of violence, leaving her a 'broken woman'.

Tim Hills, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how the couple got together about two years ago and, to start with, the relationship was good.

But as time went on the 25-year-old became more and more controlling, belittling her in front of friends and telling her she was 'disgusting and ugly'.

"He controlled virtually every aspect of her life, verbally abused her and made derogatory remarks about her appearance," he said.

After one argument the burly six footer stood in the doorway to stop the more slightly built woman leaving.

He also used to go though her mobile phone and email accounts to see who she had been in contact with.

When he cheated on her with another woman he told her that she couldn't do better and she should stay with him because she was ugly.

Last year the couple argued and Maslen took a picture from the wall and hit her over the head with the wooden canvas, causing a gash to her head, then punched her.

She fled the house but he chased after her and brought her back, promising never to do anything like that again.

But Mr Hills said he did not change and in June this year when she was pregnant he threw what she thought was a watch at her during a row.

He then pinned her down on the sofa and she managed to dial 999, only to lie about what was wrong when the police arrived.

But in August, following another incident, he was arrested, and she told them about his behaviour.

The court heard as he was detained he threatened officers he had assaulted police in the past, which was true, and minimised his behaviour when questioned.

Maslen, of Stokes Croft, Calne, pleaded guilty to ABH, assault by beating and controlling or coercive behaviour.

In a victim personal statement his victim said she still had feelings for him so did not seek a restraining order, saying he got 'roid rage' from using substances at the gym.

Richard Williams, defending, said that his client had moved on from abusing steroids to using cocaine and accepted what he did was wrong

Jailing him for two years and four months Judge Tim Mousley QC said "These offences taken together, and bearing in mind the period of time that elapsed while they were being committed, are so serious that there must be a sentence of imprisonment."