TOWN criers from all over the country descended upon Calne last weekend for the bi-annual Calne Town Crier Competition.

The cries of town criers from far and wide could be heard in the town as they each got a chance to boast about their hometown’s history during the event that celebrates the tradition of many market towns.

The procession from The Lansdowne through to Beech Terrace where the cries took place, was attended by the 11 criers, Coun Allison Bucknell, the Under Sherriff of Wiltshire, David Lewis, and mayor Tony Trotman.

Mark Wylie, who has been Calne’s town crier since 2007 and this year also defended the title of top International Town Crier at the competition in Bermuda.

Speaking about the Calne contest he said: “It was fantastic. It was a brilliant day.

“The weather was very kind and there were lots of positive comments from criers and people in the town.

“We had a nice crowd which is always lovely.

“This is the first time we held it on a Saturday and you could definitely see a difference.”

In the morning, there was a chance for the criers to tell all who could hear about the rich history of their towns, followed by an afternoon cry all about regalia.

Mr Wylie said: “The reason why we have the competition is an opportunity for criers to come and tell people all over the country all the good things about their town.

“And that is why I do competitions around the country and the world, to tell people that Calne exists.”

Cries were judged on diction and inflection by the principal of Calne Speech and Drama School, Rosalind Patterson, and on volume and clarity by musician Will Blake.

This year the competition was won by Peder Neilsen, the town crier for Bromyard, in Herefordshire.