Children from St Margaret’s Preparatory School in Calne took part in a weekend adventure camp, when they were able to take part in learning important survival skills.

An overnight camp was set up within the safety of the school grounds for the children to have the chance to learn valuable skills for their future. Altogether 32 Year 3 pupils, aged seven and eight , were able to build shelters and campfires, and try their hand at making some delicious snacks during the overnight adventure.

The event was organised by H5 Adventures with the help of Year 3 teachers Sarah Harlock and Heather Richards, as well as the Head of Sport, Dan Dury.

Mrs Harlock said: “The children enjoyed a range of teamwork tasks and challenges and were also expected to put up their own tents. They sang songs around the camp fire and enjoyed roasting marshmallows, popping popcorn and cooking chocolate bananas.

"This was the first overnight stay away for many, but the children wrapped up warm in their sleeping bags and stayed the entire night in their tents. The task gave them the chance to improve their determination and perseverance, as well as developing new teamwork skills. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”