THE growing game of walking football has taken Calne by storm, so much so that the club, based in Beversbrook Sports Centre, is looking to expand.

The club, which hosts games on a Wednesday at 2.30pm, has started a new session at the same time on a Thursday to encourage those who want to play football at a slower pace, to join.

Jim Laing, who joined the club two years ago, said: “There are between 20-30 of us most weeks and we have just started a new session on a Thursday for a slower game.

“A slower game sounds silly because most people think of walking football as a bit of a kick-about but there there is some fierce competition out there and people don’t lose that competitive edge, so we have created a Thursday session for over 65s to enjoy.”

The 67-year-old says that getting involved with the club has also improved his social life.

He said: “We’re lucky that we can sit and have a drink and a chat after the game.

“I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have before because of walking football.”