Housing group GreenSquare has obtained a court injunction against Calne resident Terry Law after reports of drink and drug-related noise and nuisance at the property.

The injunction from Swindon County Court against Mr Law, of Linden Close, states that noise must be kept to a minimum; there should be no annoying, abusive or aggressive behaviour towards other residents and only two guests are allowed in the property at a time. 

Should these terms not be met, he could be arrested and a further court date for sentencing would be set.

GreenSquare said neighbours had complained about incidents at the property.

Additionally, two frequent visitors to the property – Richard Holland and Bianca Collins – have been excluded from the area entirely.

Now they can be arrested if they enter any part of Linden Close.

Anna Kelly, senior anti-social behaviour officer at GreenSquare, said: “Despite support from our tenancy sustainment team, and warnings from the customer manager, the instances of anti-social behaviour have persisted causing unacceptable disruption to other residents in the neighbourhood.

“In situations like this, we work very closely with the local police to ensure that problems are dealt with.

"We will continue to take the action required to preserve and maintain other residents’ rights to a peaceful and safe living environment.”