Wiltshire Police are considering whether to start an investigation into whether the Conservatives broke campaign rules on spending in Chippenham during last year’s General Election.

There are claims that the Tory battle bus visited Michelle Donelan and should have been classed as a local expense and not a national one.

Investigations have been started by a number of other forces.

The Conservative Party says it has done nothing wrong.

In March a story in the Mirror included Ms Donelan in a list of 24 MPs across the country accused of not declaring thousands of pounds spent on their campaigns in marginal seats, after their constituencies were visited by the Tory party RoadTrip battlebuses.

Ms Donelan said at the time: “The Mirror story is an example of ill-informed and lazy tabloid journalism at its absolute worst... the campaigners’ Battle Bus did not actually ever come to my constituency.”

She was accused of overspending an estimated £1,247.12 on her £15,236.61 budget after not declaring the bus, food and hotel expenses, as she went on to claim the Chippenham seat by 10,076 from Liberal Democrat Duncan Hames.

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the area on his own bus, for which he would claim through his own expenses and which Ms Donelan would not have to declare.

In turn accusations have been made against Mr Hames. He was visited by the LibDem election battle bus on April 29, 2015, yet has declared no transport costs as part of his election spending.

Breaching election spending limits is a criminal offence and could lead to calls for by-elections.