Help for Heroes PR manager Jess Baker has completed the Big Battlefield Bike Ride and said it was one of the most inspirational experiences of her life.

Miss Baker raised £2,300 doing the 350-mile ride in northern France, alongside more than 250 fundraisers and servicemen last week.

The 23-year-old, from Lower Compton, said: “The whole week was just incredible. We were riding with such an amazing group of people.

“On a couple of the days we rode with the wounded team from the Battle Back centre (a centre for rehabilitating servicemen). When you see them cracking on with a smile on their face it is so inspiring to ride alongside them.

“Some of the wounded talked about their experiences. It was very moving to see what it all means to them.”

The group were riding for up to nine hours every day.

Miss Baker said: “It was pretty tough physically. The hills were pretty hard, especially as I hadn’t done much training. But we had plenty of stops along the way where we got to go and see the battlefields and historic sites.”

By the time they reached Paris last Friday, towards the end of the challenge, the group also received the news from home that the Help For Heroes fund had passed £100 million.